Thursday, March 17, 2016

White Way To Delight

Sounds a little racist, ya? No, this isn't about some Donald Trump dream rally. It's a reference to one of my favorite books.
What does today's ride in have to do with Anne of Green Gable, you might ask. For one it was an excuse to include the best book/movie ever into this post. Secondly, this:

Today's commute was cold. Freezing, in fact. There was frost on the ground and a cocoon of fog at the top of the hill.
Cherry blossoms and a clean sidewalk, what more can a girl ask for?
Yes, I did bike on the sidewalk but do you see any pedestrians? I think not.

My gloves sucked balls but I'm not doing anything about it now since it's almost spring - well, technically it is already, and I don't feel like spending a Benjamin on new gloves. So for now I'll just have to live with frost bites. Small price to pay for being able to bike to work without getting drenched.

A thing I've noticed is that my legs don't have the same amount of strength from day to day. One day I'm fine biking up a hill on a lower gear and it doesn't bother me at all. The next day I can barely make it up the same hill in the granny gear. I suppose that's par for the course. Probably dependent on what I ate the day before, the amount of sleep I had, and then there's also the sun, the moon, and the tide - and whether Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Only a month to go until the insane thing I've committed to doing. There sure are days when I shake my head, thinking "what in the world am I doing!", but then I think it'll be a nice notch on my metaphorical bed post. And what a story to tell the grandchildren! If I live to tell the tale...

The other thing I mentioned yesterday? It's happening tomorrow.

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