Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!

You guys rock!

Since my plea for help on raising funds for diabetes yesterday, you guys have helped me raise $81! That is nothing short of amazeballs! Thank you specifically to +Jessica Lucas and +Tim Moffatt. Is it coinsidence that the two of you share last names with two of the coolest people in the world - George Lucas and Steven Moffat? I think NOT. Jessica stalked me a little yesterday, but the good kind of stalking, the kind of stalking that helps the world.

I still need help reaching my goal of $200 (or more) so anything you can do will help - even if it's a dollar. I will not accept kittens, puppies, or food. Just money. American dollars. Again, you can donate here.

To thank you, I'm giving you this:

Granted, he's not on my list but he's not exactly hideous and I probably wouldn't turn him down should he throw himself on me. Just saying. I wouldn't stalk him or anything, nor name any bike of mine after him, but I bet he looks sexy-sad and that's hard to turn down.

Sexy-sad = sad puppy eyes + rockin' body + great hair

The commute in today was great! I finally outbiked my arch nemesis! Yeay! I encountered him at 164th and Newport as he came huffing and puffing up Newport as I came down the 164th hill. Our eyes met and IT WAS ON. I reached the three way stop first, zoomed left on Newport and kept a steady but not super fast pace up the rest of Newport, down 153rd, left on 38th, got lucky with the light at 150th, didn't even have to shift up the small incline by Chevron, and didn't see him again as I turned right at 152nd Pl and he continued down towards Factoria.

In other words, it wasn't much of a race. But it kinda was, and I won. Suck on that, arch nemesis!

The intern is back. Sigh, but I armed myself with plenty of this:

As a bonus it helps release stubborn pet hair
Should be a good day.

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